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The Alabama Marines Foundation is a non-profit, charitable corporation organized and operated under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable laws of the State of Alabama and the United States.The Foundation is a membership entity composed of Marines and others who share its interests in upholding the traditions and principles of the United States Marine Corps and the naval service and who desire to recognize and honor Marines, past and present, who have connections to the State of Alabama and who have honorably served our Country.   The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds and to make charitable contributions and grants to deserving individuals and other non-profit organizations, including veterans organizations, educational institutions, and  governmental entities which support its goal of promoting the general welfare of  Marines and their families.


The Foundation was established in 2012, and its policies and programs are guided by a Board of Directors, the majority of which must always be Marine Corps veterans.  Unknown thousands of Alabama citizens from the earliest years of Statehood have served their Country as United States Marines.  Since then, with honor and distinction, they have participated in all the Country's wars and battles in which the Marine Corps has fought.  Their contributions to preservation of freedom for the citizens of this Nation is a story only partially told. The depth of their sacrifices will probably never be fully recorded nor recognized.  But the spirit of those Marines who have gone before us guides us even today.  It is our responsibility to begin to more fully note their service and deeds and to work to provide aid and comfort to those within this our special fraternity who need and deserve a helping hand. To that end, the Alabama Marines Foundation is dedicated.  We hope you will join us in this worthwhile effort.  All persons, whether Marines , veterans of other services, or regular citizens, who are interested in supporting Foundation  programs are invited to join as members and to participate fully in its activities. Please click on “Membership”to review membership requirements, responsibilities, and applicable dues, and to register as a member. We welcome you!  


 Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved or endorsed the Alabama Marines Foundation and/or any of its programs or activities.


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